Behold SERVD, The Ultimate Self-Isolation Card Game To Play W/ Your Partner Or Roomie

Has your partner or roomie started annoying the absolute fuck out of you during this self-isolation period?

Perhaps they won’t stop watching Luke Bryan‘s Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin‘ Every Day on the telly, or they keep ignoring the imminent spread of coronavirus by continuing to pop their selfish bussy at that club, or they’re a maestro in the kitchen, cooking up 3-course 2-hat feasts for themselves while your $2 meals look like a literal turd emoji. The annoying opportunities are endless.

Welcome SERVD to the table, a card game that’ll give you the power to switch things up.

The rules are pretty damn simple – split the deck between the two of you, establish a timeframe to dish the cards out to each other, and start serving away.

The cards vary in intensity (and risk), from forcing them to stay at home with you or swapping meals with each other, to grabbing their phone and being allowed to message whoever. Brutal. Oh, and for you horny couples out there, a little strip tease doesn’t go astray.

The deck itself comes in 5 iterations – ‘his & hers’, ‘hers & hers’, ‘his & his’, ‘BFF’s’ and ‘bro’s’. Head on over to the SERVD store here to purchase one. Let the games begin, and may the odds be ever in your currently-quarantined favour.