At this point, self-isolation is an inevitable reality for the majority of us. While quarantining and social-distancing are definitely the most responsible ways to help combat the spread of coronavirus – and as many people should be doing this as possible – self-isolation, put simply, can be very lonely. I write this as I look out the window of my apartment, which I live in by myself, after day 1 of self-isolation, already bored. With this in mind, here’s what you and I should both be doing to preserve our mental health and not lose the plot during this time of uncertainty.

Get social

It’s time to bring back phone calls. *Collective gasp* I know, I know, ’tis simply shocking, but start booking in FaceTime appointments with your friends and family. It goes without saying, but seeing other faces is important. Vent to your friends. Share your self-isolation ideas with each other. As my Dad once said, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.

Get creative

Time to start doing all the creative stuff you’d always planned to do, but always put off. Whether it be writing, painting, drawing or playing music, having a creative outlet is an extremely therapeutic way to pass the time (and also a good distraction).

Me, day 13.

Get booked

A lot of therapists are now opting for phone appointments. Chat to your psych today and discuss the option of Skyping, FaceTiming or calling for your appointments instead. Yes, you probably shouldn’t be catching up face to face, but that doesn’t mean you should cancel your appointments altogether. Your mental health will always remain a priority.

Get sweaty

A lounge-room workout is a certified way to get those beautiful endorphins flowing. Some businesses are now offering live online workouts. For example, @keepitcleaner‘s Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw are hosting free online workouts for people over the next few weeks, each Wednesday and Friday morning at 7am.

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At KIC our mission has always been to provide easily accessible ways for our community to lead an active lifestyle. With recent events taking place around the world at the moment, we understand getting to the gym can be more difficult than usual. We want to ensure we are offering ways in which we can continue to stay connected, but also encourage overall wellbeing during this challenging time. We will be offering free live online workouts hosted by @stephclairesmith & I to help you remain calm and active with an inspiring community. With no equipment required, these sweat sessions will promise to get your heart racing, all from the comfort of your own living room. In these unique times, lets come together and be there for one another. WHEN: Wednesday & Friday mornings 7am ADST WHERE: Keep it Cleaner Public Facebook Page OR Instagram live via @keepitcleaner Tell you friends, register your interest through the link below and be sure to join us each Wednesday and Friday for your new free weekly session!

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Get organised

Use self-isolation as a time to evaluate your goals and plans for the rest of the year. Now’s the time to check in with yourself, be introspective and make sure your goals, career trajectory and happiness align. Whip out your diary, star writing lists and generate mind maps in order to visualise your goals.

Some Quick Tips To Make Sure You Don’t Lose Your Marbles During Self-Isolation

Get flirty

Although you might not be feeling very sexy – sitting on the couch in the same pair of trackies you’ve been wearing for 6 consecutive days – why not jump on the dating apps, connect with some hotties and plan some post-corona dates and hook-ups? This’ll provide some excitement in these otherwise-monotonous times, give you something to look forward to and, most importantly, will give you a much-needed confidence boost as you stare at that blank wall for the 157th time.

Some Quick Tips To Make Sure You Don’t Lose Your Marbles During Self-Isolation

For more self-isolation tips, check out these sanity-saving pieces of advice if you’re working from home.

You got this. And remember, in the words of the High School Musical cast, we’re all in this together.