EA Games has announced a massive sale on The Sims 4 games, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be playing a virtual simulation to ignore whatever sort of fucked up simulation we’re currently living in.

In news that is sure to boost your self-isolation spirit, the base game is currently a whopping 75% off at just $14.99 (instead of its usual $49.99 price tag).

But to really sweeten the deal, ‘expansion packs’ and ‘stuff packs’ are a nice 50% off, while ‘game packs’ have a sweet 25% off sale.

Whether you’re in full-blown quarantine, or you’re just self-isolating to help flatten the curve (repeat after me: FLATTEN! THAT! CURVE!), it can be awfully lonely. We’re currently on WFH day 4 and I’m already incredibly annoyed by my own company, so why not deep dive into a video game?

Gamers are renowned for not leaving the house, so why don’t we all take a page out of their books and get in on that

You can try your hand at island living, getting famous, or a ‘jungle adventure’. Or if you’re really trying to spice it up you can try virtual parenthood or master the art of wizardry. Honestly, whatever you want to do IRL right now, you can do in The Sims.

Can’t hit up the pub? Your sim can.

Can’t get laid? Your sim can.

Missing the ability to annoy your coworkers? Your sim is ready and waiting to annoy theirs.

Wanna fuck around and be a vampire? Look, sinking your teeth into someone isn’t wise right now but your sim can live out their Twilight dreams.

If The Sims doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, Origin has slashed the prices on a bunch of popular titles across their online store. You don’t even need to leave the house to enjoy a whole realm of new games like Madden NFL 2020 and Apex Legends.

No matter your console or game of choice, it’s probably worth taking a look at your local e-store to see if you can cop some cheapo games to get you through this self-isolation period without wanting to murder your housemates.

You can check out the full sale catalogue here, thank me later.

Image: The Sims Forum / saucat