Here’s Selena Gomez Eating Vegemite With A Spoon, Australia’s Greatest Prank On The World

Selena Gomez Vegemite Spoon

Selena Gomez has shared a clip from her brand new show Selena + Chef and of course, she’s eating Vegemite with a fkn spoon. Can someone please tell her that this is not the way that you eat Vegemite?

In the snippet, she says that Aussie chef Curtis Stone sent her over a care package of snacks for her to try out on camera, including a packet of Anzac biscuits, Tim Tams, Mint Slice, Violet Crumble and of course, an entire tub of Vegemite.

Together with Raquelle Stevens (the aforementioned chef in Selena + Chef), Gomez went through the goodies and gave her reactions to them all, and she had some interesting opinions to share.

The first Aussie snack the duo munched on were Mint Slices, which Gomez said was “like Christmas.” Obviously, the snack got the tick of approval, because who the hell doesn’t love a mint wrapped in chocolate goodness?

Next up was Tim Tams, which Gomez had already tried before thanks to some “diehard Aussie fans” giving her packs of them in the past. Big tick from the duo, of course, because if there’s any Aussie food that can win over the hearts of the world, it’s the Tim Tam.

Violet Crumble followed, which Gomez gave a big old nope to. “Not a big fan,” she said, pointing to the honeycomb as the worst part of the snack. I mean, Crunchie is like ten times better so, I don’t really blame her for not loving it.

The penultimate treat were Anzac biscuits, which ended up being Gomez’s fave treat of the episode. Don’t ask me why, but they were, and by the sounds of it, she didn’t even get one that was moist.

Finally, the moment we all came here for. Vegemite time.

Now, who on Earth is the devil who didn’t even bother preparing it properly on some toast, and instead, just handed her the tub with a spoon? Understandably, Gomez had an unfavourable reaction towards the yeast spread, throwing the spoon away as soon as she had a single lick.

Even the smell of the stuff sent Gomez into a disgusted frenzy. “They use this for their sandwiches or something?” she exclaimed, followed by a big old nope from her end.

Please, Mr Curtis Stone, send her some Vegemite toast next time, this was so painful to watch.