Unopened Blocks Of Cadbury’s Vegemite Are Still Going On eBay For *Checks Notes* $500

cadbury vegemite chocolate

Cadbury’s discontinued blocks of Vegemite chocolate, which were gone too soon to be quite honest, are still going on eBay for *checks notes* $500.

That’s right, if you have an unopened block of Cadbury limited edition Vegemite chocolate, it might be best to hold onto it rather than ripping it open and taking a big ol’ bite.

The block, which first dropped in 2015 and sold out in just two weeks, is a lot kinder to the tongue for international vegemite-trying celebs like Selena Gomez or Steve Buscemi. Basically, it’s the traditional caramel Cadbury with an extremely thin layer of vegemite in it.

And, nearly seven years later, there’s a limited supply that’s still going for a lot of dollaridoos on eBay.

While someone is listing two blocks for $60, another has started a bid at $50 with a buy-it-now price of $200. Side note: my favourite thing about the latter listing is the crinkled packaging.

In news that’ll make Moneybags from Spyro certainly pleased, another is legitimately selling five of them for $500.

Holy fkn shit.

A standard block of Cadbury Dairy Milk is currently $2.50 at Woolies. That means that for five unopened blocks of Cadbury’s Vegemite pack on eBay, you could buy 200 normal blocks. That’s a lot of chocolata.

Alternatively, with that same kinda money, you could nearly afford a Nintendo Switch console.

Back in 2017, Mondelez International ANZ director of marketing for chocolate Kjetil Undhjem claimed that the discontinued chocolate block was actually an experiment to get people to think of their other beloved chocolate flavours, which is funny given all I can think about is the caramelised yeast in my mouth.

“The purpose of it wasn’t to launch a chocolate with Vegemite that would go into our repertoire, the whole point of the campaign and activity was to generate talk about rediscovering your favourite chocolate flavours,” he said, per AdNews.

“We have 18 flavours in our blocks range and we wanted to create a conversation about flavours and rediscovering some of your favourites whether it’s top deck or crunchy or snack.

“We thought about the most disruptive flavour you can put in chocolate to get that conversation started.”

Anyway, if you need me, I’ll be mixing normal blocks of chocolate with Vegemite because my body ain’t made of coins.