Nailed, or Accidental Love as it’s now called for whatever reason, has one of the most intriguing back stories of any movie in recent times. The film was directed by David O. Russell, of American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook, way back in 2008, but after ongoing financial troubles, production was shut down.

It features a first-rate cast, including the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel, and tells the story of a waitress who is struck in the head with a nail, then denied treatment because she does not have health insurance. Based on the trailer, released today, a batshit insane, Legally Blonde 2-style trip to Washington ensues: 

Filming famously stopped before Russell could complete a crucial scene, and the movie had been sitting on ice for more than six years when a group called Millennium Entertainment used the existing footage to put together a finished product. Accidental Love is credited to a ‘Stephen Green’ as director, although Russell’s name still appears on its IMDB page.

The trailer looks … pretty damn decent, all things considered, especially thanks to the presence of a supporting cast like Catherine Keener and Bill Hader. If it was made today, it would 100% feature J-Law and Bradley Cooper in the leading roles and would win every award. 

Accidental Love hits UK cinemas on February 10, and we’ll keep our ears out for an Australian release.

via Indiewire