It’s the final week of MAFS, and we’re tuning in for the final vows of Mishel and Steve, and Lizzie and Seb. 

Honestly, the internet was filled with a whole heap of unneeded negativity tonight. Maybe it’s because we’re feeling the wrath of the coronavirus and people feel the need to take their hatred out on reality TV contestants because they cant yell at their friends/family/coworkers anymore. But the absolute last thing we need in the world right now, is even more negativity.

It’s all well and good to make a joke about that funny reality TV moment, but we’ve been constantly bombarded with horrible coronavirus news, so we all deserve a bit of a happy ending (not the horny kind) tonight.

So in the interest of not further spreading the unwarranted hate, we’re going to focus on the real highlight of this episode: Seb’s nipples.

Before we got to celebrate love, the MAFS producers decided we needed to celebrate Seb’s nipples.

Why are his nipples such a focal point in this episode?

And because we’re all horny as fuck in self-isolation, we all took this as a major thirst trap.

Seriously, whoever wasn’t being a little demon on Twitter tonight was too busy being super fucking horny.

Seriously, we’re all lining up for a piece of this man.

Do we want to rip his clothes off, or do we want to marry him? Who knows anymore.

Ultimately, Seb and Lizzie commit to each other and live happy ever after, inevitably making us all sad and lonely all over again.

Peace has been restored to the world. Why spread hate when we can simply spread incredibly horny energy?