Somebody Call The Police ‘Coz Seb Just Got #MAFS Tattooed On His Fucking Toes

mafs tattoo

Well, well, well, would you look at the time. It’s MAFS o’clock and as we get closer to the season finale, it’s getting so spicy it’s actually burning my mouth.

It’s bridal home stays tonight, which is always a juicy time. But I’m not even going to give you a recap of the episode tonight, you can read our wonderful Style Editor Mel’s thoughts on it because I have one thought, and one thought only.


Seb and Lizzie (AKA my new favourite couple) were on a date in Newcastle (best city in Australia) and in truly wild news, he got a fucking TATTOO.


No. Not just ANY tattoo. He got fucking #MAFS on his TOES.

I simply cannot.

This is the dumbest decision we’ve seen on this show to date, and that’s saying something because they’re all fucking crazy.

We’ve all seen Johnny Depp’s Winona Forever tattoo that became Wino Forever post-split from Winona Ryder. If you can have tattoo regret about Winona Fucking (real middle name) Ryder, you will absolutely have it when you get MAFS on your toes.

Some fans are convinced this was a bit of poor form on Lizzie’s behalf, you know, because tattoos are almost always more permanent than reality TV relationships.

We’re not here for the tattoo-pressure.

But in Lizzie’s defence, Toy Story kinda cemented the idea that foot tattoos were a sign of love.

Why? Why is this a thing? Why is this allowed? Just… WHY?!

It’s his first tattoo. Are we sure he knows they’re permanent?

Oh wait…