Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary known for blatantly lying about President Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd size, hiding from reporters, and swallowing copious amounts of chewing gum, has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

We know, we didn’t really expect it to happen, either.

In one of his highest-profile appearances since resigning from the chaotic position, Spicer didn’t explicitly condemn his former boss, nor any of his cruel, stupid, or self-aggrandising actions.

However, he did drop some subtle clues about his feelings on Trump. Considering his proximity to the POTUS and his supposed skills as a communicator, we feel pretty safe extrapolating.

After Kimmel asked about Trump’s demonstrably unstable tweeting habits, Spicer said that he had an alert set for each new post, but that he only made alterations before sending once or twice. So, there you have it: that insane shit is all Donald.

More interesting is his take on Vice President Mike Pence.

Spicer openly admitted to selling himself out to present the President’s viewpoint instead of the truth, but given enough latitude, it’s possible to see that habit as a flawed commitment to his position rather than a craven need to talk absolute shit: basically, the man might not actually subscribe to the same objectively evil politics of ousted advisor Steve Bannon. It really does seem like he’s a more typical neo-conservative, bent further out of shape by Trump’s horrifying momentum.

And traditionally, people of that political inclination lean towards guys like Pence. Religious, big-C Conservatives. So, it’s telling that when Kimmel joked about the potentially calming presence of Pence in the Oval Office, Spicer said “I think we could all use a dose of that.”

When pressed on Melissa McCarthy’s Emmy-winning Saturday Night Live impression, Sean Spicer admitted that the fact McCarthy is a woman “may have been a contributing factor” to Trump going apeshit. So, add that to the stinking pile of evidence that Trump is not a fan of women.

Finally, when asked if Trump actually even wants to be the top dog, Spicer replied “I think his heart is in the right place.” That’s the softest possible way you can say “he really is fucking it all up, isn’t he?”

Watch the full clip below, and seriously, have a look into his gum obsession.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!