ScoMo Says Andrew Probyn TikTok Memes Are ‘Pretty Good’ & Just Like That, The Fun Is Over

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Scott Morrison has weighed in on all the Andrew Probyn TikTok remixes that’ve been circulating the web over the past month or so, remarking that they’re “pretty good”. All good things must come inevitably to an end.

In a recent Facebook Live session with, ScoMo was shown the below viral clip from TikTok user @jzandt, which has amassed over 47k likes.

@jzandtSaturday night bop. ##fyp ##foryou ##australiangovernment♬ original sound – triplejradio

“I have seen that one,” he responded. “It’s pretty good, that music has been used on a few others.”

The soundtrack he’s referring to was created by the @triplejradio gang, who infused the now-notorious Andrew press conference rant with Duke Dumont‘s “Red Light Green Light”. If this Scott Morrison TikTok remix doesn’t appear on next year’s Hottest 100, I’m rioting.

@triplejradioAndrew you don’t run the press conference @dukedumont???? ##sallyanderica ##australia ##scomo ##andrew ##coronavirus♬ original sound – triplejradio

“I’m glad people are enjoying those press conferences,” ScoMo told “I mean, not many people watch press conferences as you know.”

“I think people have been surprised at some of the interaction that regularly occurs between politicians and journalists at these pressers,” he continued. “I think they’ve found that all a bit fascinating, but, if it’s entertained people, you know… happy to be doing that.”

Well, shit, guess it’s time to jump on a new trend then.