That ScoMo/Journo Showdown Is Now Taking Centre Stage On TikTok & The Imitations Are Gold

The time, Sunday night. The location, a press conference. Temperatures, high. Enter Scott Morrison and ABC journo Andrew Probyn.

ScoMo briefly told Probyn off, after he attempted to ask another question. The following dialogue was spoken: “Andrew, I’m sorry, you’ve have several… Andrew, I’m sorry, Andrew, I know, but you don’t run the press conference, okay? So, I’m going to go to other questions of members of the group. Katherine hasn’t had a question. I’m happy to return to you, but let’s just keep things civil.”

And voilà – just like that, an iconic moment was born. Lights, camera, ACTION!

Heroic young Aussies began to imitate ScoMo’s scolding, because that’s what we like to do and that’s how process things.

This ScoMo/journo showdown was subsequently catapulted into virality.

I mean, seriously, these quarantined legends truly lip-synced for their lives.

@edwardngynSCOMO GOES BANG! Andrew you don’t run the press conference! ???? ##australia ##scottmorrison ##pressconference ##comedy♬ original sound – edwardngyn

@holliecassarTikTok Live = the ultimate press conference ##foryou ##andrew ##pressconference ##scottmorrison♬ original sound – edwardngyn

True Oscar-worthy performances. Shantay, you all stay.

@Sooklyn has since began dedicating her time to performing a whole heap of ScoMo’s painful press conferences. She is truly doing the lord’s work – battling on the frontlines – and, for that, we simply have no choice but to stan.

@sooklynTODAYS CONFERENCE i put a blazer on for this. thought it was serious but that’s still my pjs ##onlineclass ##earthhour ##happyathome ##australia ##scomo♬ original sound – sooklyn

Art imitates life, and, in this particular case, amplifies the absurdity of our government right now.