ABC Journo Talks Newfound TikTok Fame Following *That* ScoMo Press Conference

Journo Andrew Probyn has finally chimed in on becoming a TikTok celebrity following that now-iconic press conference showdown with ScoMo.

If you need some context (not that you do), ScoMo told Probyn off that fateful Sunday after he attempted to ask more questions.

Behold, the infamous lyrics: “Andrew, I’m sorry, you’ve have several… Andrew, I’m sorry, Andrew, I know, but you don’t run the press conference, okay? So, I’m going to go to other questions of members of the group. Katherine hasn’t had a question. I’m happy to return to you, but let’s just keep things civil.”

I know we’ve all seen it 239848932 times, but let’s marvel at this glorious content for 239848933rd time, shall we?

Ah, never gets old. It will surely go down as the most influential ScoMo press conference in history.

The showdown resulted in several viral TikTok interpretations.

This one’s my absolute favourite.

@faunhubScomo a Savage ##savagechallenge ##savage ##scomo ##pressconference ##andrewimsorry ##andrew ##coronavirus♬ original sound – faunhub

Anyway, Probyn was quizzed about the whole affair by fellow journalist Jane Norman.

“I’ve been doing my job for 25 years,” he responded. “This is about the only time that my kids have ever taken any notice of what their old man does. It’s rather sad, isn’t it?”

“I didn’t even know what TikTok really was until 10 days ago.”

“But if that episode encourages people to take more notice of federal politics, of press conferences where the prime minister’s talking about important things… Well, my job is done.”

Inspirational. I absolutely feel encouraged… to binge TikToks for another 8 hours. See you on the other side.