Russell Hantz Just Got Voted Off ‘Survivor Australia’ With A Bloody Idol

In wild scenes I don’t think anyone expected – Russell Hantz, US Survivor Hall of Famer, one of the greatest of all time villains to ever manipulate the living shits out of you – just got voted off Survivor Australia. 


[jwplayer 2B7AX07V]

Yes, the Idol he found on Day One and then showed everyone on Day Three.

SO, the Champions who had been dominating the competition so far lost today’s Immunity Challenge and afterwards returned to camp feeling awkward because “uh oh, someone’s going home”. Enter the Master Manipulator, who gets straight to work spinning shit and swearing his loyalty on his very real (very fake) wife which is quite the play, I must say.

Everything is going on its merry way, as it usually does when Russell is on your telly screen causing hell and cementing his place in the game. Even during the first half of the bloody Tribal Council you’re still confident he’s going to pull off some insane level of bullshittery to manipulate another day.

Russell, arrogant as ever, claims he’ll be playing his Idol but that doesn’t stop a couple of players from putting his name down because they just can’t stand him.

Moana is ready to take him down. 

Despite his words, the man doesn’t play his Idol and for a few moments there, it seems to pay off. The votes split, everyone’s confused until Russell… Russell… Russell…

The votes are tied between Jackie and Russell leading to a do-over. Except now, everyone knows a certain powerhouse is vulnerable. 

And then suddenly, the villain is kapoot.

In his post-game interview Russell admitted it was a stupid move to not play his idol.

In his own words: “I made the right move, it just didn’t work.” 


Anyway, Straya’s bloody chuffed:

Not going to lie, I am a bit disappointed by this news. I was looking forward to huge pieces of shit hitting the fan but c’est la vie.

This sums it up:

It’s been a helluva wild beginning to Survivor Australia. Take last night’s very first episode, for example, when we all saw Matt’s brain melt before our very eyes:

Survivor Australia continues Monday 7:30pm on Channel 10.

P.S Channel 10 has already faded out the villain’s face on TenPlay. It all happened SO QUICKLY.