Rose Byrne Talks Singledom With Regis & Kelly

Rose Byrne is pretty much on her way to becoming Australia’s most bankable actress after X-Men: First Class (review) and of course the insane success of Bridesmaids (review).

Incredibly, Bridesmaids has become America’s highest grossing R-rated female comedy in history, surpassing the takings from the Sex and the City movie, which had the momentum of six years of television behind it. While I’m uncomfortable with the concept of “female comedy” (seriously – what other movies come under that mantle, I wonder? – Girl Overboard and 27 Dresses? Is Weekend At Bernie’s a male comedy? FML…) it is awesome that the movie is getting ‘our Rose’ a whole lot of attention for her comedy finesse. Word has it that her gift of the gag was first recognised by her boyfriend, Stephen MerchantThe Office co-creator and best friend to Ricky Gervais.

However, based on the interview she did with American morning tv duo Regis and Kelly on 5 July, Byrne might be back on the market – or else is just really adept at deflecting personal questions. In the footage below she and Regis awkwardly back-and-forth about what she looks for in a man (“just no criminals”), and also discusses hanging out with her Aussie pals in New York, her excellent tv series Damages which is back for another season starting from next week – all while being thoroughly adorable.

Via Just Jared