Robert Pattinson Had To Try On All Of The OG Batsuits, Which Sounds Like A New Porn Category

My favourite Twilight-hating, microwave-pasta-eating bat king Robert Pattinson has revealed that he had to try on all the Batsuits worn in previous Batman films. I can only imagine the absolute stench.

Rob sat down on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to chat about The Batman, which is due for release on March 3.

Chaos king R Pattz is famous for lying during interviews. In a recent profile by GQ, he said that he’ll often just “make something up”.

But I am choosing to believe this is real because the mental image is just too good.

Kimmel brought up a rumour in the interview that Robert Pattinson was wearing one of the original batsuits during his audition.

There have been fkn loads of Batman films with Val KilmerGeorge ClooneyChristian Bale and Ben Affleck all taking on the starring role.

According to Rob, he tried on every single one.

“Every single one still has the actor’s sweat,” he said. Yummy.

“There’s a little cage somewhere in Warner Brother’s costume department,” Rob went on.

He said that the Batman costume cage comes with its own guard dressed in Robin outfits. I want to believe this is real but alas, I’ve been burned before.

“I tried on all of them … it’s the size of your head that’s the defining factor,” he said.

“I think the body fit more on Val Kelmer’s one and the head fit on Clooney’s one. We kind of Frankensteined it.”

But none of the costumes properly fit, which is I suppose why they make new ones for each film. You can’t really reduce, reuse and recycle an iconic Batman costume.

In a particularly saucy bit, Pattinson described being “lubed up and squeezed into” the costume. Please Rob, we’re all blushing.

Speaking of super suits, Pattinson also said that Tom Holland wore a Spider-Man suit while filming with him for The Lost City Of Z. Before Tom was cast in the role of Peter Parker.

Manifesting works, guys.

I can’t believe I didn’t know Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland were in a film together. I’m deffo adding that one to my movie night list.

Now look, I know Batman and Spider-Man belong to different universes. But please can we have just one tiny little crossover? I want to see the British men in their fun superhero suits running around together.