Here Are All The *Chef’s Kiss* Memes From GQ’s Fever Dream Interview With Robert Pattinson

Like many of you, I dedicated a portion of my morning to reading GQ’s rather interesting interview with Robert Pattinson. To those blissfully unaware of such a thing, Pattinson is on the cover of GQ’s June / July issue. He even shot the portraits himself (considering the world’s current situation). There’s a lot to pull out from the interview, like how Pattinson once replied to a personal text from French director Claire Denis with “hahahaha”, or how he spent a good portion of the interview showing GQ’s Zach Baron how to blow your microwave up making “fast-food” pasta. Anyway, the interview has spawned hundreds and hundreds of reactions and I must show you my favourites. This interview is all I can think about today.

Firstly, the story itself.

If you’re saving the profile for later, I’ll summarise the main bit – the pasta bit. Last year, Pattinson had a business idea: “How do you make a pasta which you can hold in your hand?” He wants to make a fast-food version of pasta. A sort of pasta… burger. So he attempted to make his fast-food pasta for Baron. Here is a tiny snippet of how that went.

He puts on latex gloves. He pulls out some sugar and some aluminum foil and makes a bed, a kind of hollowed-out sphere, with the foil. He holds up a box of penne pasta that he had in the house. “All right,” Pattinson says. “So obviously, first things first, you gotta microwave the pasta.”


And so it begins.

Robert Pattinson on cooking in quarantine:

I’ve lost it, I’ve absolutely lost it.

This next one made me snort.

Buitoni make pasta, like real pasta.

Up next is a genuine question.

Oh my GOD, do you guys remember this?

He really is just screwing with us.


I’m hissing.

Good shit. Good shit.