Bachelor In Paradise star Renee Barrett has ripped into her “so-called friends” for leaking info about her to the media.

In a two-part Instagram Story, Renee begins by congratulating fellow Bachie alum Brooke Blurton for nabbing the role of leading lady in The Bachelorette 2021 (yay!).

Then in the second one, which features a series of pantone pics (?), she blasted her mates for spilling tea about her to the So Dramatic! podcast.

“Massive reminder to not believe everything you hear on a stupid gossip podcast called So Dramatic!,” she wrote. “Have a beautiful day.”

Then in microscopic font at the bottom of the pic, she wrote: “To my so-called friends who are talking to her, y’all need a thesaurus AND I KNOW WHO YOU ARE.”

For those playing along at home, in a brand new episode of the So Dramatic! podcast that dropped this morn, host Megan Pustetto claimed that several other ex Bachie babes were considered for the lead role in The Bachelorette 2021, including Renee Barrett, Abbie Chatfield and Brittany Weldon, along with singer Paulini.

The host claims that Paulini came close to being crowned, hence why they cast her in I’m A Celeb to “test” her, but ultimately she was too busy for the gig. I’m not sure what the story was with the others, but apparently they ended up choosing Renee, but she was switched out at the eleventh hour for Brooke Blurton.

An insider told So Dramatic! that “[Brooke] was originally not even an option as she was in a relationship when they were casting for the role.”

They claimed that producers were in talks with Renee Barrett in December but she got the boot when Brooke became single again.

The podcast host added that apparently “Renee was super upset” after finding out that she was no longer the lead in The Bachelorette, but apparently she’s already moved on with a new boo, so good for her.

Have a listen to the full ep here.