In absolutely tragic news, this year’s Bachelorette Brooke Blurton has just revealed that her sister has passed away.

In a post shared on her Instagram Story, Blurton revealed that her sister passed away while she was filming the new season.

“On the 11th of August, I had just received news that my sister passed away,” she wrote. Production of her season reportedly wrapped up last Friday.

“I do like to think I live a very private life but I kinda felt like I wanted to share with you where I’m at. Something hugely personal and vulnerable.

“I’ve been trying to process that on my own being stuck in a Sydney lockdown without my family, off country, and by myself.

“I’ve thankfully had huge support from production and friends working tirelessly to get me back into WA so that I can mourn with my family.”

Brooke Blurton sister dies
Brooke Blurton’s message confirming her sister has passed way (Instagram/@brooke.blurton)

Per the WA Government’s health orders, to get into the state, you need to apply for a G2G PASS. Blurton said that after multiple attempts at getting one, she felt “depleted” and “distraught”. Then, fortunately, the Noongar-Yamatji woman was “let in under compassionate grounds.”

“I truly believe in life that when there comes good comes bad. This felt like one of those moments but I can’t believe the huge support I’ve had.

“I feel honestly so grateful. I wouldn’t be coping if it wasn’t for production, my friends, my loved ones, and Cobar [her dog].

“I didn’t feel the need to share with you all this. I wanted too. Just to say, I know we’re all doing it pretty friggen rough with the current world climate.

“Though look to the sky and life your heads up. We will get through this.”

Back in May, Channel Ten confirmed that Brooke Blurton was to be the next and first First Nations woman and bisexual Bachelorette.