Rebel Wilson continues to make being fat
cool with her new T-shirt line designed specifically for exercises such
as “horizontal running or just bludging on the couch”. Featuring
cupcakes and doughnuts printed across the wearer’s tatas, the range,
entitled ‘Fat Mandi’, has clearly sought inspiration from her lovable
loser role as Fat Mandi from 2008’s skit show The Wedge – a precursor to Rebel’s infamous Fat Amy character in last year’s Pitch Perfect.

‘Fat Mandi’ is a plus-sized only venture aimed at sizes 12-18; strictly “Not For Skinny Bitches” as the slogan dictates.

At the moment there are only two t-shirts available from the website (,
but our guess is that there are more to come, with Perez Hilton even
indicating his interest in sporting some ‘Fat Mandi’ sweet treats on his
bosom. Rebel announced the range on Twitter this week, revealing
that the idea came to her in a dream, as all ground-breaking ideas do –
The shirts are just a little experiment – I had a dream I created
them, and so I felt like I had to do it

Words by Stephanie Squadrito

via The Hollywood Reporter

Picture by Kevin Winter/Getty Images