CONTENT WARNING: The following article contains mild spoilers. Proceed at own risk.

If you somehow haven’t managed to bash all of The Circle – Netflix’s truly insane social media competition series and its first truly massive breakout hit of 2020 – into your faces just yet, drop what you’re doing and commence the binge at once. It’s one of the all-time great rides.

Key to the concept of the show was its relative anonymity amongst competitors; people on the show were isolated inside their own apartments, and only allowed to communicate with each other via text.

Not only did that mean that people could portray totally different versions of themselves if they wanted to, they could also portray totally different people altogether.

To that end, nobody managed to play a better Catfish game than “Rebecca” aka Seaburn.

As Rebecca, Seaburn toyed with emotions, portrayed a deeply emotional character, and almost certainly ripped the heart of Shubham in twain because the girl he developed painfully unrequited feelings for (“like a sister to me” my FUCKING ASS, Shooby) turned out to be someone else entirely.

Most notably though, Rebecca flirted. With other guys. Some of who themselves were also catfish.

It gets even wrinklier when you consider the fact that Seaburn used photos of his own actual IRL girlfriend to portray the Rebecca ruse, meaning he was technically flirting with other men as his own girlfriend, which will boil your brains if you try and comprehend the moral and ethical boundaries of enduring that.

With the show’s first season now ended, Netflix has posted a short video interview with the real Rebecca, aka Sami, who explained what it was like to watch her boyfriend flirt with other guys as her.

She also explained what it was like watching Seaburn try and wade his way through *that* menstrual group chat.

“My left side starts to hurt really bad” come on man. You know the first rule of catfishing! No specifics! No specifics!!!!

Netflix is still yet to confirm whether or not the series will get a second season, but if the practically overwhelming fan reaction is anything to go by, it’s a mere matter of time.