‘Real Housewives Of Sydney’ Could Cop A Reboot If Matty’s ~ Intuitions ~ Are Right

real housewives of sydney

Pour yourself a cup of hot tea and grab the popcorn because The Real Housewives Of Sydney is rumoured to be returning for a second season in 2021.

According to former cast member Matty Samaei, producers are keen to renew the show, which was rumoured to have been cancelled because it was “too nasty.”

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Samaei told The Daily Telegraph that filming for an alleged second season could kick off as early as this year, which is a huge win for reality TV fiends like myself.

“With Melbourne Housewives, we know that it’s coming back and normally once the franchise is starting to produce one city there’s no reason they will not do Sydney,” the 45-year-old former cast member told the Daily Telegraph.

“So my intuition and from some of the things I’ve been hearing, we will be back but I don’t know when it will be. I don’t think it will be 2020, it will be the year after.”

I’m not sure why the fuck we’re meant to believe Matty’s ~intuition~, especially considering Foxtel executive director Brian Walsh has previously confirmed that they’re staying far away from Sydney, and won’t be renewing for a second season.

“Sydney won’t happen again. Once bitten twice shy,” he told TV Tonight in an interview last year.

Regardless of Walsh shooting down the idea, Matty is still convinced the show could cop a reboot.

“There could be a big recasting so we don’t know really who’s going to go back in and who’s not because everything pretty much changes with reality TV. Doing the show had a positive impact for me and my business and I developed beautiful friendships with the women.”

The show, which first aired back in 2017 followed the lives of Matty Samaei, as well as jewellery designer Athena X Levendi, model Krissy Marsh, politician’s wife Lisa Oldfield, former pop star Melissa Tkautz, entrepreneur and former Miss Australia Nicole O’Neill and socialite Victoria Rees.

Unlike the successful Melbourne spin-off of the US Real Housewives series, the foul language and physical fights of the Sydney series caused some viewers to feel uncomfortable watching the show.

Although Matty is convinced she’ll be gracing our screens again as early as next year, nothing has been confirmed by Foxtel at this stage.

But even if we never cop a Sydney reboot, a fifth season of the beloved Melbourne Housewives is already in the works and will be hitting screens at some point in 2020.