We can officially add Bethenny Frankel to the list of people who are doing more for the country than our own Prime Minister, with the Real Housewives of New York planning to send her own planes filled with US firefighters over to help.

When it comes to times of crisis, Bethenny Frankel is renowned for doing absolutely everything in her power to help. When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in 2017, she was one of the first civilians to send planes to help.

Her bstrong foundation has helped deliver aid in a number of times of crisis since 2017, including hurricanes in Mexico and volcanic eruptions in Hawaii. But now she’s brining her efforts down under to help out during the ongoing bushfire crisis in Australia.

“My team is in strategy mode with a plan to effectively and efficiently aid Australia in this crisis, which affects our entire planet,” she wrote on Instagram earlier this week. “Aside from my personal connection to and love for Australia, this is an international crisis.”

Frankel’s efforts come after major celebrities such as P!NK, Nicole Kidman and Kylie Jenner have pledged donations to the Australian bushfire relief.

According to the Bethenny Frankel website, the ongoing bushfire mission includes sending “planes with firefighters until fires are contained”, as well as sending resources from various US fire departments to help equip our volunteers with adequate gear.

The bstrong initiative will also give gift cards at evacuation shelters and help to fund animal welfare organisations across the country.

The Real Housewives  of New York star also explained how she is “trying to hit this on all cylinders” and work to help both animal and human shelters, as well as the actually fire fighting effort.

Bethenny took to her Instagram stories on Friday night to discuss her plans in Australia, which will include staying “after the headlines fade” and help to rebuild the communities once the initial fires are contained. The bstrong initiative prides itself on the ongoing support of disaster-impacted communities, even after the initial wave has passed.

“Last year #bstrong distributed hundreds of ks of dollars in cash cards for CA Wildfire survivors. We outfitted 400+ volunteer firefighters in the Amazon for 3 mos. We’re still knee deep in recovery efforts in the Bahamas,” she said on Instagram.

Frankel confirmed that every dollar donated would go directly to the cause, and urged fans to be vigilant about who they’re donating to, to ensure maximum benefit per dollar donated.

“You need to know EXACTLY where your money is going and just be completely sure of every organisation that you donate with.”

Image: Getty Images / Charles Sykes