YASS QUEEN: The Fab Five Give An Aussie Farmer A Makeover In New Mini-Ep

If, like me, you absolutely powered through season 2 of Queer Eye and are craving more then you’re in luck ‘coz Netflix just dropped some brand new, never-before-seen footage from the boys’ recent trip Down Under!

Us Pedestrian folk got the tip off that the boys were heading to Oz ahead of time ‘coz our Head Of Editorial, Josie had lined up a chat with them (you can view the hilarity riiiiiight HERE, btw), but we (and the rest of Oz, I imagine) were shook… I repeat, SHOOK to learn that the boys had touched down in Canberra.

People jumped to all kinds of conclusions like maybe they were giving ol’ Malcolm Turnbull a makeover and tizzing up Parliament House but then it all made sense when the QE Instagram page posted the following pics:

Now, the much talked about footage from the lads’ trip to Yass has been released on Netflix and trust me, you’re gonna wanna see this!

The mini-ep focuses on a local cattle farmer and former rodeo cowboy named George who works with Jonathan, Tan and Karamo to “take stock of his situation and grab life by the horns”.

While this goes down, culinary queen Antoni and design guru Bobby give their local pub a makeover, adding a new signature dish to the menu (I mean, you can only eat a chicken schnitty so many times).

Finally, the ep shows footage of the Mayor of Yass presenting the Fab Five with tiaras, coronating them as Yass Queens.

Cop the fabulous footage on Netflix or via the vid below: