In unsurprising news, Netflix recently announced that your fave makeover series Queer Eye had been renewed for a third season and can you believe?

YES. Yes, we can believe. The first season was nothing short of groundbreaking and the second season was a beautiful follow up with loads of fascinating fixer-uppers, tear-jerking moments and inspiration served up by the five most loveable men on the planet.

So with two seasons worth of stories already told (including an epic Aussie ep), what can the boys do next to keep viewers interested?

Well, if the fans get what they want, a celebrity makeover might be on the cards as loads of viewers have requested for the boys to feature rapper Post Malone on their show ‘coz apparently he’s a straight guy in need of a queer eye.

After noticing all the requests for the 23-year-old to appear on his show, culture queen Karamo Brown took to Twitter to address the sitch.

“Lol why does everyone want to be on the show. Did he request it?” Karamo asked.

Malone was quick to respond, theorising that fans want him to go on the show because he’s “ugly” and I mean, this is getting a little harsh, isn’t it?

“No they just think I’m ugly and smell lol. Love the show tho guys, keep crushing it,” he responded.

Ouch! But according to Brown, Malone isn’t in need of any help as he responded by telling him that he digs his style.

“Haha! Got it! Thanks Man. You Keep killing it too. I personally love you style and music.”

While it isn’t exactly a “no” from Karamo, it sounds like he doesn’t see the need to work on the rapper’s style.

But after all the mean AF requests, he might wanna sit the poor guy down for one of his good ol’ heart-to-hearts to bolster his spirits.