Watch ‘Queer Eye’ Angel Tan Take ‘SNL’ Young Gun Pete Davidson Shopping

Behind only the unheralded worker of literal miracles Bobby Berk, fashion genius Tan France is easily the second most wonderful and good thing about the incredibly good Netflix reboot of Queer Eye. Fight me if you must on this issue, but I stand by my opinion here.

Tan’s blitz-like makeovers of the blokes featured in the series was a whirling of equal parts sensible dressing and boosting of confidence and self-esteem. So it’s gonna be nice to know that his abilities are not merely confined to everyday Joe Twelve-Packs who get plucked from obscurity for the making over of a lifetime.

Tan, the beautiful horse that he is, teamed up with Saturday Night Live to give cast member and very-not-good-dresser Pete Davidson a quick lesson in looking partway put-together.

Davidson and Tan, with a little help from fellow-SNLer Heidi Gardner, got Pete’s style sense up to scratch at the famous Saks in New York, putting Pete in the right gear for outings with his GF and her family (Cazzie David, who is Larry David‘s daughter for those of you keeping score at home).

Also they talked about their respective balls for a bit, so there’s that too.

Isn’t that nice and good! How bloody nice and good.

Now, if we can get the Fab 5 – in full – to Studio 8H on the double so they can host their own episode of SNL that’d be absolutely perfect thank you very much.

Book Carly Rae Jepsen as the musical guest and watch the whole world explode from pure goodness.

Nothing bad could ever possibly happen on a day where something like that airs.