Pokémon Just Dropped Its First Super Bowl Ad & It’s Super Effective

The arrival of Pokémon’s inaugural Super-fkn-Bowl commercial raises a few crucial points:

  • The very idea of training mythical, superpowered creatures to duke it out almost makes the NFL seem tame by comparison;
  • Your childhood is officially over, ’cause the series is two decades old. If you’re reading this, Jigglypuff may somehow be even older than you are;
  • That doesn’t even matter, as watching these guys spring from 8-bit graphics into the 3D realm is still bloody magical;
  • Bulbasaur remains criminally underrated and is clearly the best starter.

Pokémon’s been ramping up its efforts to nab new players away from the ~ classic ~ handheld market; the Pokémon Go app is set to drop on Android and iOs sometime this year, and it’ll allow you to wander your very own streets on the lookout for… well, let’s be honest, probably a billion Pidgeys and Rattatas

God forbid you find yourself in a cave. 

You can catch it on the tele when the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers on February 8; feel free to steel yourself until then, by imagining you can somehow control an enormous flying sea-dragon below:

Photo: Youtube.