Here’s How Much You’ll Be Fined If You Pokémon & Drive In Victoria

Friends don’t let friends lob PokéBalls and drive.

That’s more or less the message that VicRoads is trying to send, with the Victorian road and traffic authority today putting warning signs up along highways and busy roads reminding drivers to stop chasing that Jigglypuff while they’re behind the wheel.
Around 40 roadside anti-Pokémon GO warning signs have been put into use as of this morning in several key inner-Melbourne locations, including on the super-busy Eastern Freeway and Hoddle Street, with commuters ironically using smartphone technology whilst driving to post photos of signs warning people against using smartphone technology whilst driving. 

VicRoads spokesperson Robyn Seymour stated that the popularity of the game had caught authorities by surprise, and now warning signs like this were a curious necessity.

“To be honest, I never thought driving and a game would be something we would be putting messages up about. But Pokemon Go has really caught the community’s attention.”

“It’s a safety issue and we just want to keep Victorian drivers and walkers and cyclists safe.”

“Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds more than doubles your crash risk. That means no Pokemon Go when you’re driving. It’s also illegal.”

VicRoads were at pains to reiterate that people caught playing Pokémon while driving face being docked of four demerit points, along with being whacked with a fine of $466.

There’s already been a number of calls to police about people in cars acting suspiciously at all hours of the night, only for the one-time to arrive and discover it’s just some nerd trying to nab a Pidgey.
Let this be a lesson to ye: If you’re keen to nab some o’ dem Pokémans on the commute to work, maybe think about pulling over first.
Source: ABC News.
Photo: Xavier Yu/Twitter.