Play Google’s Alien Game To Remember The Rosswell UFO Incident

Today’s Google doodle brightens up the otherwise lackluster search engine experience with a game on their homepage, inspired by and commemorating the infamous Rosswell UFO sighting.

It was a conspiracy theorist’s field day back in 1947 when, supposedly, US military captured an alien aircraft outside of Rosswell, New Mexico, despite repeated insistence that it was just fallen debris. 

Google celebrates the 66th anniversary of the sighting in today’s doodle: a game centering around an adorable alien kid, as he crash lands on earth—following his attempts to locate and assemble parts of the broken aircraft.

Google has outdone themselves with an eerie, Twilight Zone aesthetic:  a gorgeously static foreground is sprinkled to fuzz the game play, while shadows lurk everyplace. It’s simple, stunning and clean, baring similarities to the visceral landscape of the STEAM released game, Limbo, with a mute protagonist in completely bare, ghostly and chilling vistas.  

Head to Google and waste some of your afternoon playing the game here. 

And if you thought UFO sighting was a trend confined to the loons of a bygone era, we’ve found a meticulously maintained website by a guy who’s been taking photos of the sky since November last year, in a hunt for UFOs that might be cheekily loitering above us. You can read all about it here.