Pete Davidson Just Got His Fifth Matching Tattoo With Ariana Grande

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande‘s relationship continues to be one long display of public affection, with reports this week that Pete is sporting yet another tattoo to match one of Ari’s. Given all the ink they’ve had some so far, this would be the couple’s fifth matching tattoo in total.

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On Friday, Davidson showed off his newest design – the phrase “mille tendresse” written across the back of his neck. The quote, which roughly translates to “a thousand tendernesses”, was popularised by the 1961 film Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and Grande has the same thing on her neck.

Along with this new ink, Pete and Ari both have clouds tattooed on their fingers, as well as the word “reborn” and the acronym “H2GKMO”, which is short for “honest to God, knock me out.”

They both sport tattoos reading “8141”, the badge number of Pete Davidson’s father, who died on 9/11 – hers is located on an ankle while his is on one of his arms.

Aside from all the matching ones, the couple have various other tattoos inspired by each-other – he has an Ariana-inspired bunny inked behind one of his ears, and the initials “AG” on his finger.

Earlier this week, he unveiled a tattoo of the couple’s recently-adopted pet pig, with the name “Piggy Smallz” written underneath it.

It is also speculated that his recent Winnie The Pooh tatt might have something to do with Ariana.

This week, the couple did not attend the Emmys as expected, and her representatives later confirmed that she will be taking time away from public appearances to “heal and mend” and work on new music after the death of her former boyfriend Mac Miller.