Ariana Grande Performs With ‘Pete’ Tattoo Conveniently Covered By Band-Aid

Ariana Grande was spotted using a humble Band-Aid to cover up a lil’ tattoo on her finger, one of several lingering signs she dated comedian Pete Davidson.

Grande, who performed at a gig celebrating the 15th anniversary of Wicked on Broadway, took to the stage sporting the adhesive bandage on her left ring finger.

The singer had the word ‘Pete’ tattooed on that particular digit a while back, marking one of several coupley tattoos shared by the duo during their short engagement.

Video posted to Instagram by Grande’s longtime makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic shows the Band-Aid in question:

And here’s what her hands looked like before:

By the way, if you actually want to hear Grande belt out The Wizard And I, wild out to the video below:

Grande’s temporary cover-up isn’t the only ink disappearing act performed by the former couple.

Days before news of their breakup made headlines, fans noticed that Davidson had covered up the distinctive Dangerous Woman tattoo behind his left ear, sparking suspicions of a looming split.

The solution to these problems, it seems, is extensive blackwork on both parties. Titanic slabs of monochromatic ink. Commit, folks. Commit.