Now that The Bachelor is all done for another year, host Osher Gunsberg is debriefing in a round of media interviews, and some surprising things have come up. 
In a recent conversation with The Daily Telegraph, Gunsberg clarified that his Channel 10 bosses don’t really mind when he takes the piss out of the show on Twitter, because it’s all in good fun (and good PR). 

He also said that the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, featuring Georgia Love, was given a longer episode order than Sam Frost‘s season last year, which means you’ll have even more of that sweet, sweet drama to binge on. 

(Whatever happens this year, hopefully they take a pass on any more sickening chocolate baths, so we can all just pretend that national nightmare never happened, and more on with our lives). 
The interview took a serious turn, however, when Gunsberg was asked about his self-esteem and revealed that even today, he’s still feeling the effects of some pretty serious childhood bullying. He told the Telegraph:  

When you’re a kid, whatever insecurities you have or weird stuff happens to you gets really burnt into your brain. All you need is a little trigger – a smell, a glance, someone or something similar – and it can all come flooding back. The next thing you know, you’re a fully grown, mortgage-paying human, being told what to do and how to react by an [inner] eight-year-old.

The interviewer asked how and when these feelings arise, and he said:

Like anybody who went through childhood or adolescence overweight, there’s definitely shame and embarrassment – you never forget the look in a bully’s eyes when they’re nipple crippling you so hard they draw blood. That stuff, as much as you try to get past it, is still there. It left me with weird thought patterns that I still have to deal with as an adult, which kind of sucks.
Gunsberg’s old Australian Idol co-host James Mathison ran for parliament this year, and Osher said that he’d love to one day lobby int eh areas of mental health support and clean energy, but reckons his aggressive arguing style might turn voters off. 
“I get worked up and passionate really quickly,” he said. “I need to work on that. James is a calm, calm man.”
The Bachelorette kicks off 7.30 Wednesday.
Source: Daily Telegraph.
Photo: Robert Cianflone / Getty.