Obama’s Top Films & TV Shows For 2019 Includes A Weirdly Sexual ‘Fleabag’ Conundrum

Barack Obama has released his all-important list of favourite movies and TV shows for 2019, and guaranteed at least one of your favourites is on there. Booksmart? Fleabag Season 2? My man has taste.

[jwplayer YZBp9XHQ]

It’s become a yearly tradition for a semi-retired Obama to release his favourite media picks at the end of each year. Yesterday he released his favourite books of 2019; tomorrow, finger’s crossed, we can expect his playlist.

His favourite films of the year include the critically acclaimed Little Women, the spawner of a thousand memes Marriage Story, and the dark horse Oscar contender Parasite, a South Korean black comedy.

Usually, Obama only picks his favourite films of each year, but perhaps seduced by the endless talents of Phoebe Waller-Bridge (like the rest of us), he included a few favourite TV shows, too: Unbelievable, Watchman, and of course, Fleabag Season 2.

This poses an interesting dilemma, as noted by Twitter user Hazal. If Mr Obama watched the second season of Fleabag, then surely he watched the first, which means he watched Fleabag herself furiously masturbating to one of his speeches.


Sorry to say I will be thinking about this for the rest of the day.