Nick Kyrgios Is Launching An Only Fans & I, For One, Can’t Wait To See His Balls

Tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios has announced that he’s launching an OnlyFans account and I think I speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait to see his balls. Tennis balls, ya dirty dog!

Nick announced the news on Friday, telling his 4.2 million followers that he’s launching a free-to-access page on the site, which is best known for naughty content.

In a statement, Nick touched on his reasons for joining the spicy site.

“[OnlyFans] are revolutionizing social media and I wanted to be a part of that,” he said in a statement.

“Athletes can no longer just show up on the court or the field. We have to show up online too. I want to create, produce, direct and own content. That’s the future.”

Yep, that’s an OnlyFans hoodie. (Image: Instagram / Nick Kyrgios)

At this stage, it’s a bit unclear what type of content he’ll be creating but Nick says it’s a bit of a mix.

“Of course, there’ll be tennis balls involved, tips, tricks and behind the scenes, but also they’ll get to see all different sides of me,” he said.

“Gaming, tattoos, my intimate side – it’s all on the table and I’ll be bringing fans along for the ride!”


Since Nick is currently out of action from tennis with knee and wrist injuries, I wonder whether his new venture will help or hinder his wrists.

With fans praying and hoping that he’ll make a surprise appearance on the court at the Australian Open, maybe he won’t be jerking it online.

Instead, maybe Nick will be using the platform to be balls-deep in someone 30-love? Or posting an FAQ on his favourite ball-handling techniques? Or maybe Nick will show us his favourite omelette recipe — who fucking knows?

Either way, it’s a pretty enticing and clever play from OnlyFans. Curiosity and free sign-ups are a pretty good mix. Perhaps they’re hoping Nick will be an OnlyFans gateway drug for tennis and/or bad boy enthusiasts.

Nick was once ranked 13th in the world for tennis, however he’s been out of the game since pulling out of this year’s Australian Open due to his injuries.