Calling All Gamers: Turns Out Less Than 1% Of Netflix Subscribers Use This Little-Known Perk

Call that special gamer girl (or boy) in your life ‘cos it turns out Netflix has a super sweet function that only one per cent of its subbies use.

Although there seems to be a handful of negative hullabaloo surrounding the entertainment giant — such as pulling the cheapest ad-free option for subscribers & its crackdown on password sharing — there is a slither of glimmer in the streaming shitstorm.

I’m talking about Netflix’s playable games. And no, I’m not talking about TV Shows like the interactive Bandersnatch: Black Mirror. I’m talking about proper games like puzzles, tap and drag, battles and all that fun stuff.

According to a report by US news outlet CNBC, only 0.08 per cent of subscribers use Netflix’s gaming feature daily. The reason behind the small, small number of users of the feature could be retention, as people who download the game fail to become repeat users, as per

The publications also mentioned that time investment could also play a part in the underwhelming stat, as watching movies and shows requires less attention than a full-blown game.

In case you’re not too familiar with this gamer perk, Netflix acquired a bunch of gaming studios in recent years to provide unique experiences for its subscribers.

Some studios include Nigh School Studios, which developed Oxenfree Games, which then developed Oxenfree 2 or Netflix, as per

Some of the games on the platform include LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Stranger Things: 1984 and my personal fave, Hello Kitty and Friends: Happiness Parade.

Sanrio gamer girls RISE. (Image source: Netflix)

Despite the disappointing numbers, Co-Netflix Daddy (CEO) Greg Peters said that it will be taking a “crawl, walk and run” approach to its gaming endeavours.

“This trajectory is not dissimilar from what we’ve seen before,” he said, as per CNBC.

“When we’ve launched a new region — or when we launched new genres, like unscripted” we had to “crawl, walk, run, but we see a tremendous amount of opportunity to build a long-term center value of entertainment.”

Honestly, Netflix should just invest in more Hello Kitty games. I promise you, the Sanrio girlies will eat it up.

They should also add incentives to those who have high ranks in the world, like free Netflix for a month or something fun like that.

IDK, maybe they should just hire me to wrangle the gamers and convert them to Netflix.