‘Neighbours’ Is On The Way To Teeing Up Its First Gay Wedding

I’m not going to bullshit you: I come from a Home and Away family. Even when I was in the pre-now time when I watched terrestrial television recreationally like a shut-in, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you anything about what was going on with Neighbours, so it’s safe to say (and mathematically) correct that I could only tell you less than nothing about what’s going on with Neighbours right now. That is to say: I could, essentially, only try and convince you that things that you already know about it are wrong, reducing your knowledge of the program. I shall not be doing this.

What I shall be doing is telling you that, as Radio Times is reporting, Neighbours could well be on track for its first same-sex wedding ever.

Assuming that the Neighbours universe is otherwise identical to our own with the small exceptions of a group of larger-than-life characters who primarily occupy one street, marriage equality would be a relatively recent development for the residents of Ramsay Street. (In saying this, I don’t fully understand the bounds of the parallel universe in which they exist. The birth and subsequent life of Toadie could well have somehow butterfly-effected marriage equality legislation into place years before our universe got it.)

Actor Matt Wilson told Radio Times  (spoiler alert) that his character Aaron Brennan and his character’s partner David Tanaka will be getting engaged on Friday, May 18:

They go on a beach date and Aaron suddenly decides he’s going to pop the question. Just prior to this he has some personal revelations that make him realise David is really the one for him. But he doesn’t realise David has the same idea!

David makes an excuse to walk on ahead so he can gather his thoughts, while Aaron phones his brother Mark and tells him he’s about to propose. Meanwhile, David’s rehearsing his proposal speech, getting his knickers in a knot. When Aaron gets down on one knee David reacts badly as he’s been thrown a curve ball to his plan which to him is now ruined, and Aaron thinks he’s going to break up with him.

What a to-do.

Obviously, we all know how soap operas work, though. Characters getting engaged doesn’t mean they will necessarily get married. Literally anything could happen, and it will take a very long time for it to do so. Still cool but.