Magda Szubanski Just Officiated Ramsay Street’s First-Ever Gay Wedding

In a win for love and representation, our first-ever same-sex wedding on Aussie soap drama Neighbours just happened.

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In a beautiful ceremony, Aaron Brennan (Matty Wilson) tied the knot to David Tanaka, played by Takaya Honda in front of their friends and families. Magda Szubanski, who was a leading voice for the YES campaign, guest-starred on the series as lovable and entertaining wedding celebrant Jemima Davies-Smythe. 

For Szubanksi, this wedding is something she just never dared to dream would ever happen on Neighbours. 

Talking to News Corp Szubanski said:

“When me and my gay mates were watching Charlene and Scott get married in 1987, we would never have dreamt there would be a gay wedding on Neighbours. It’s really very, very exciting.

“I hope people will watch these episodes… there’s a lot there for everyone to enjoy to be honest. Having different characters and a diversity of characters breathes new life into storylines.”

During and following the episode, lots and lots of viewers took to their Twitters to share just how bloody lovely it is to see LGBTQ+ representation on screen. In fact, #Neighbours was actually the No. 1 trending hashtag on Twitter during the show’s duration.

Of course, the on-screen couple have a ship name and it’s Daaron so that’s why you might be seeing a couple of #Daaron or #DaaronWedding hashtags.

One viewer wrote: “I grew up watching Neighbours, my sisters reminiscing about Scott & Charlene’s wedding. Visibility matters. You can’t imagine what this means to LGBTIQ kids.”

Szubanski even got to keep the rainbow Ramsay Street sign!

The wedding, which takes place over two episodes, will continue tomorrow for the reception/any after-party drama.

You can catch Neighbours at 6:30pm on Eleven. And if you missed out on tonight’s beautiful episode, you can always catch it on TenPlay, it should be up sometime tonight.