Naaaw, Sophie Monk Has The Jitters In The First ‘Bachelorette’ Teaser

It feels like an aeon since Sophie Monk was first announced as our next blessed Bachelorette. We guess that makes sense: the amount of drama already packed into Matty J’s ongoing season of The Bachelor is enough for two seasons of match-making telly on its own.

But while we’ve been enveloped by the chaos on our screens, Monk has been working to find her perfect dude, preparing to disappoint a slew of suitors, and presumably reducing several of the to rubble with her incisive snark.

Thanks to a lil’ teaser that aired last night, we finally have the first footage of her preparing to meet the fellas. Folks, it’s probably as nervous as you’ll see her for the duration of the show.

The show has just about finished filming, so expect to see more of this kind of deal in the weeks to come, if you can extricate yourself from the black hole that is The Bachelor.