Sophie Monk Told ‘The Project’ About Her Ideal Bloke & It Could Be You

Dating as a celebrity would be pretty weird; you’re basically either stuck with other celebrities or non-celebrities will struggle to see you as a real person instead of the cultivated image you have as a famous person. In an effort to combat this, Sophie Monk has opted to lean into the weirdness by searching for love on ‘The Bachelorette‘.
It might seem unlikely, the concept of finding love on a reality TV show that operates as a competition, but hey, finding love, in general, is pretty unlikely.
While the rest of the country seems like they’re having an aneurysm over the news, Monk seems pretty confident she’s made the right choice, telling ‘The Project‘ that this is her chance to meet someone normal:
MONK: “If I’m in a bar, someone wants a photo or they’re a football player or someone who’s got the confidence. It’s not the shy person I want in the corner.”

ALY: “So are you after a computer programmer?”

MONK: “Yeah! I want a gardener, I want a… I don’t know. Anyone!”
Needs to be shy? Needs to have a more boring job than a celebrity? This is our time to shine! She says she’s mostly interested in men from 30 up, but there’s wiggle room:
“You never know, if you meet someone lovely you meet someone lovely.”
If you’re looking for reasons to rule yourself out, you’re out of luck, she’s pretty open-minded:
“Dealbreaker would be someone cocky but, yeah, not really, otherwise I’d know what I’m looking for. I just want someone funny, like a best friend.”
You’d better move fast though, Pricey already had a crack to see if he was eligible, that’s some hot competition.
If you reckon you fit the bill, you can apply here, you dog
Source and photo: Channel 10.