Of all the live-action Disney flicks to be released in recent years, I was literally the most excited to see Mulan, but sadly due to COVID-19, its release was postponed indefinitely, which was very very sucky news.

But this just in, folks: We’ll finally be able to see Mulan v. soon from the comfort of our own homes as Disney+ just announced it will be releasing the flick.


The live-action rendition of the iconic 1998 movie will be released in countries where Disney+ is available, which includes Australia, but it will be released in cinemas at a later date in countries, such as China, where it is not.

However, unlike Disney flicks like Artemis Fowl and HamiltonMulan will not be included in the monthly Disney+ subscription fee. Punters will need to pay up to catch the film.

It will be available on the platform on September 4 and will be valued at $29.99 for “premium rental.”

Catch the trailer for the hotly anticipated flick below: