Disney’s New ‘Mulan’ Trailer Has More Swords And Fewer Dragons Than Ever Before

The first trailer for Disney’s live-action Mulan has emerged, bringing immense fight scenes, dizzying choreography, and exactly zero sassy dragons.

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Mulan, directed by Whale Rider visionary Niki Caro and based on the legendary Ballad of Mulan, looks a world away from the studio’s 1998 effort. The campy visuals are gone, replaced by Yifei Liu putting a sword to the throat of cultural mores and… well, basically everyone who gets in her way, apparently.

The trailer confirms earlier reports that unlike Jon Favreau‘s reboot of The Lion King, Mulan will veer from Disney’s earlier rendition in other vital aspects. Notably absent: love interest Li Shang, replaced by militaristic duty Yoson An as Chen Honghui. Craving some rousing sing-a-longs? You’ll have to deal with hints of the original film’s score scattered throughout the 90-second teaser.

Mulan is set to hit Aussie cinema screens in March 2020. Have a peek at the trailer below: