Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Star Molly Baz Quits In Solidarity With Co-Workers

Molly Baz

Bon Appétit Test Kitchen star Molly Baz announced that she is quitting the popular YouTube channel, in solidarity with three co-workers who claim that they were not being paid fairly.

Earlier this week, Bon Appétit Test Kitchen contributing writer Priya Krishna, assistant food editor Sohla El-Waylly and contributing food editor Rick Martinez anounced their exits.

Their departures came after weeks of contract negotiations, amid allegation that Bon Appétit does not feature people of colour in its videos and does not pay them as well as white colleagues.

Earlier today, Molly Baz took to Instagram to make her announcement, saying she is sad, disappointed and frustrated at the loss of three talented colleagues.

“I support their decisions unequivocally and am extremely disheartened that Condé Nast Entertainment was unable to provide them contracts that they felt were fair and equitable,” she said.

She went on to say that, in light of this situation, she has asked Condé Nast to release her from the video obligations of her contract, and she will no longer appear on the YouTube channel.

She explained that, for the time being, she will continue to work at the magazine, and hopes that an era of more diverse and inclusive video programming is coming for Bon Appétit.