Missy Higgins Lied About Knowing How Far Along Meghan Markle’s Pregnancy Is

Aussie singer-songwriter Missy Higgins met newlyweds Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during their Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand last month at Admiralty House in Sydney.

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And after their meeting – featuring a guest appearance from Higgins’ newborn, Luna – Higgins posted a few piccies to Instagram that made the tabloids go wild, because the caption seemed to reveal just how far along Markle’s pregnancy was, the day after the existence of a Royal Foetus was confirmed.

She wrote: “What an honour to meet the beautiful Duchess today! She was such a sweetheart. I said I felt sorry for her having to do all these meet-and-greets while 4 months pregnant!

Carrie Bickmore asked Higgins about meeting Markle on The Project last night, and more specifically about the juicy piece of pregnancy goss that quickly made its way to the other side of the world: “Did she tell you she was four months pregnant?

No! I just made it up!

I read somewhere that people had ‘worked out’ that she was three to four months pregnant because she said she was due in the spring. So I just wrote that without even thinking because I thought ‘Oh everyone knows she’s about four months pregnant’. And then it was all over newspapers in England and France.

We weren’t hanging out like best buds and she wasn’t telling me her deepest secrets.

No, I just made it up.” Just made it up! Fooled the whole world! Tricked us!

Peter van Onselen asked what they did chat about if not secrets:

She was just asking about Luna and how it’s all going. She was super sweet. And then we met Harry afterwards and he kind of squeezed Luna’s little chubby legs and said ‘Who’s this little cutie?’ And he made some joke about never having been seen in the same room as Ed Sheeran, because they’re both redheads. He was charming.

There you have it. Higgins accidentally fibbed to the entire world about Markle’s pregnancy, leading to endless speculation about her possible due date.