Mike Myers Resurrected Dr. Evil & Announced A 100% Serious Presidential Bid

It’s been a hot while since Mike Myers delved into the well of his career peak to dust off an old character, but – for better or worse – we all now have this to ponder: An appearance by Dr. Evil on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon wherein the aforementioned evil-one “announces” a tilt at the Presidency in 2020.


In a vague attempt to grab onto the political humour he famously shunned, the very same humour that his late night contemporaries have been horse-whipping his show with for months, Jimmy Fallon introduced a segment on his monologue wherein he claimed to have scored an “interview” with a “recently fired” member of the “Trump administration.”

Enter: Dr. Evil.

If the idea of Evil dropping youthful phrases like “AF” isn’t enough to sell you on this clip, the announcement of a Presidential run – complete with fake MAGA cap – will be.

It’s a real time, this.

To quote the incredibly good and terrible 1989 Stephen King film adaptation Pet Sematary: Sometimes, dead is better.