Watch Andy Samberg And Jimmy Fallon Describe Movie Plots In 5 Seconds Or Less

Fun new party game, you guys!

Jimmy Fallon had the beautiful human equivalent of a Big Mouth Billy Bass in Andy Samberg on as a guest, in promotion of the impending premiere of the second season of Samberg’s absolutely sensational sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
And because it’s The Tonight Show and also because reasons, Fallon dragged out the Movie Plot game – wherein they have 5 seconds (and less) to describe the plot of a movie to the other person without using the movie’s name, or any of the actors who star in it.
This particular instalment is notable a) For Andy Samberg’s stretched-for-but-still-grabbed-it U2 zinger, and b) The fact that they nailed the 1 second final round.
Plus, seriously, it’s a damned fun looking party game and I’ll definitely be loading that one up next time a dead shindig is in need of livening up.