Watch Julia Roberts Throw Her Balls Into Jimmy Fallon’s Face

Let it forever be known that I do not want to live in a world where dick and fart jokes aren’t funny. So with that said, the fact that there’s a video where Jimmy Fallon and Julia Roberts throw giant balls in each others faces gives me endless joy.

We all know The Tonight Show is carving themselves out a nice little viral video niche, wherein celebrity guests engage in ridiculous games on air because… well… fuck it, why not?
The latest one could well be one of the best. Diving into that well worn well of “things in super slo-mo are really funny,” here we see a new game – the not-even-at-all-subtly named Face Balls – wherein Jimmy and Julia throw giant inflatable balls in each others faces with the results filmed by super slo-mo cameras.
It’s fun. It’s simple. It’s everything you could ever want on this dreary winter Friday.