In Absolutely Delightful News, Love On The Spectrum’s Michael Just Launched His Own Poddy

Michael Theo from Love On The Spectrum launches a podcast

Love on the Spectrum icon and our collective bestie Michael Theo has just released his own podcast, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Michael catapulted into fame in Australia in 2019 after appearing on Love On The Spectrum, a wonderfully wholesome dating show for single neurodiverse people to find love.

With his constant zingers, disarming sincerity, and genuine passion for finding his person, it’s impossible not to love him. (If you haven’t watched this show yet, trust me, it’s the delightful reality show you’ve been searching for).

Midway through 2020, after Netflix picked up the show, the public attention on Michael grew exponentially, and so our hero was flung into the hearts of a global audience.

Now, Michael has just released his own podcast called Mr A+, where every week he and his guests will discuss the topics they care about most. Which I just *know* will be the heart-warming start I’ll need to get me through my end of year schlump.

Mr A+ is described as a safe space to celebrate individuality and to explore conversations around, well, anything. From dating and relationships to pop-culture and acting, all the way to Thomas the Tank Engine (which is apparently Michael’s favourite topic). Best of all, the random topics will all be discussed in a super open and supportive manner, because it’s all about learning something new and getting to your “A+” self. Ugh, I love this.

“This podcast is about bringing love, positivity & entertainment into people’s lives. People really need that after the dark few years we’ve just had,” Michael said in the trailer, and boy, you aren’t wrong.

You can listen to Mr A+ With Michael Theo wherever you get your podcasts, and new episodes will come out every Tuesday.