Forget Bachelor In Paradise. The best dating show to air over the past twelve months was Love On The Spectrum, a tender and frequently insightful look into the love lives of Australians on the autism spectrum. Now, ABC TV has confirmed what many viewers had hoped for: Wollongong’s own Michael will return for the show’s second season.

ABC TV revealed the news Wednesday afternoon, sharing a fresh image of the fella on the network’s social media channels. Most notably, he isn’t alone in the photo.

“Someone’s up for some interesting dates in the new season of Love On The Spectrum in 2021,” the network said.

Viewers first became acquainted with the young gun in 2019, when Love On The Spectrum first followed a number of neuro-diverse Aussies as they entered the dating scene.

Michael quickly became a fan favourite, with audiences drawn to his blunt humour, sharp style, and sincere hopes to find a long-term partner.

Early in the piece, Michael revealed he owns a heart-shaped picture frame which he made “specifically for my future wife.” You don’t come across that kind of forethought very often, folks.

His profile grew when the show was snapped up by Netflix halfway through 2020, sharing aspects of his life with a global audience.

While Michael didn’t leave the show with a partner, he remained optimistic in his search for love. He also revealed he signed up to a dating app.

“If my future wife is watching this right now I will happily tell her this: she will be in for a happy, healthy marriage,” he later said.

Love On The Spectrum was picked up for a second season a little earlier this year, with Screen Australia commissioning the docu-series for the ABC.

There’s no word on when the second season will premiere – God knows COVID-19 made dating even more difficult than it was before – but you can expect to follow more of Michael’s dates in the not-too-distant future.