Salty ‘Bachie’ Star Michael Reckons Tara & Sam Were Doomed From The Start

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I know everyone is obsessed with Love Island right now and that’s fine, but I still have very real love for some of the beautiful idiots from Bachelor in Paradise, namely my favourite character on the show, humanoid robot / real estate agent Michael Turnbull.

Michael seemed to be almost completely devoid of emotion during the show, except for that bit where he projectile vomited a Blue Hawaiian cocktail onto the grass because he was upset about “dogging the boys”. Never forget.

So it’s amusing to me that Michael has about 3000 times more personality after the show has ended as opposed to when he was actually, you know, on camera as a reality TV contestant. He’s been mouthing off about a few things since the show ended, which is most likely a last desperate grab for attention, but power to him I guess.

In his latest interview, this time with OK!, the tiny shirt-wearer has weighed in on the demise of Bachie sweethearts Tara Pavlovic and Sam Cochrane‘s relationship. He delivered the following back-handed compliment: “I really liked both of them; however, I never thought it was a lifetime match.” Mmm, salty.

He added: “Dealing with ‘real outside world couple challenges’ was what ended it. True relationships are not just sitting around drinking free cocktails on an island and going on fancy dates.”

You may recall that he initially had a flirty little thing going with Tara on BiP before Keira Maguire snatched him away for a date and then Tara got the shits, resulting in this iconic moment:

Anyway, Michael failed to find love after that and evicted himself from the show, but now he is on some Sliding Doors bullshit about everything that could have been.

In the same interview with OK!, he added: “Tara and myself had a very good and strong bond on the island before Sam was involved. Who knows what could have happened if Keira didn’t take me away on that date?”

I know what would have happened mate: the always-zesty Tara would have quickly tired of your incapability to show any emotion and tossed you into the roiling grey waters of Fiji.

But you know, dare to dream about what could have been.