The stars of Netflix’s beloved dating show, Love on the Spectrum, have given us an update on life after the series.

The four-part series, which hit Netflix late last month, introduces us to 11 people on the autism spectrum as they navigate the utterly confusing world of dating and relationships.

The series originally premiered on the ABC last year so because it’s been a decent amount of time since then, the stars of the show have blessed us with an update.

Since the show was filmed, the wonderfully hilarious Thomas and Ruth got married (!!!). The couple have also moved out of the unit they were renting and into a house right next to the train tracks, which Thomas absolutely loves.

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Got married ????????????

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Fan favourite Michael is working a lot and focusing on his acting, which fans of the show will know he’s super passionate about. He’s also still looking for love and has joined a dating app, just to give it a try.

“If my future wife is watching this right now I will happily tell her this: she will be in for a happy, healthy marriage,” he said.

Mark is still looking for love as well.

“It’s something worth fighting for,” he said.

“Everyone feels like they get to that point where they’re like, ‘I’m never going to find love, am I going to be alone for the rest of my life?’ Just remember, don’t give up.”

The cast also shared their favourite moments from the series and what it felt like being on a dating show.

For Chloe, the crux of her experience was learning how to date as a bisexual woman on the spectrum.

“Dating as a bisexual adult is hard as it is but being on the spectrum makes it a lot harder, because obviously I have trouble reading people’s emotions and body language,” Chloe said.

You can watch the full featurette below.

Love on the Spectrum is streaming on Netflix now.

Image: Netflix