SHOCK HORROR: The future princess has nuked her social media accounts. Gone. Kablammy. Good-bye.

As of today, Meghan Markle‘s former Instagram account (@meghanmarkle) greets you with a big, rude, “Sorry, this page isn’t available”. Ditto her Twitter and Facebook accounts. The princess has returned her online presence to the dark ages, which, incidentally, is the last time the royal family mattered much to anyone.

A Kensington Palace source confirmed to the Huffington Post that Meghan had nixed her social media presence.

“Ms. Markle is grateful to everyone who has followed her social media accounts over the years, however as she has not used them for some time she has taken the decision to close them,” said the source, which reads like it should be attributed to ‘spokesperson’, but okay. (For future reference, ‘sources’: dish the gossip or scram.)

The Suits actress had already shut her blog, The Tig, last April, a few months into dating Prince Harry, and now that’s she’s properly engaged – and, like the common folk, experiencing small wedding hiccups! – it makes sense, tbh.

The rest of the royal family chooses not to engage in social media, with the Kensington Palace accounts instead dripfeeding us perfect little snapshots inside the royals’ ‘normal’ life.

Honestly? It’s a real travesty. What the royal family needs is a few good BTS Insta stories of the Queen getting boozed at 4pm and giggling at her own postage stamps. The shame.

Bye, peasants.

Image: Kensington Palace